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Looking for "the right" investment? Here's a good strategy: choose the right advisor, and then invest with greater confidence. Our advisors are here to help you start today.

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Wise Investments Begin with Professional Advice

Planning for retirement, saving for college, maximizing tax efficiencies and creating a financial legacy are top concerns for most of our clients. We can help you:

  • Plan for a comfortable retirement.
  • Discover tax-free investment options.
  • Save for a child or grandchild’s education.
  • Maximize your 401(k) contribution and allocations.
  • Select appropriate insurance coverage, including long-term care plans.
  • Rollover 401(K) plans from past employers into a more efficient strategy.
  • Create a traditional or Roth IRA, and determine if catch-up contributions are needed.
  • Choose the appropriate mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities to balance risk and returns.

Invest Where You Bank

At Colorado State Bank and Trust full-service brokerage affiliate, BOK Financial Advisors, you’ll find all the capabilities you need to create a personal investment strategy and put your money to work for you — right where you bank. You’ll love the convenience, and because we’re licensed and active in all 50 states, you can benefit from our expertise wherever you live.

Invest Strategically

Protecting your hard-earned assets and making every dollar count in a diversified investment portfolio makes good sense. That's why it's important to work with a financial advisor you can trust. We work closely with each of our clients, one-on-one, to develop a strategy that works best for their needs and goals.

Invest With Confidence

Our financial advisors take a holistic approach to your financial future, and our commitment to customer service sets us apart from the competition. That's why there is no obligation or charge for any consultation.

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A Wide Range of Investments

Draw from a wide range of taxable and tax-free investments for you, including:

  • Mutual funds
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UIT)
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Stocks and corporate bonds
  • Certificates of deposit
  • U.S. Government securities
  • Municipal bonds
  • Corporate notes and bonds
  • Annuities

Mutual Funds, UIT, SMAs and ETFs

Mutual funds allow any investor to own shares in a pool of bonds, stocks, and other investments. Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) are typically sold by brokers and they pay dividends on a fixed, unmanaged portfolio of stocks and bonds to investors for a specific period of time. Another alternative to mutual funds are Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). SMAs require a larger minimum investment, but they are more customizable than mutual funds. Finally, for a lower-cost option that's still tax-efficient, you might consider Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which provide the same valuation as a mutual funds, but they're tradable throughout a day like a stock.

Stocks, Bonds and CDs

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are FDIC-backed, very low risk, and provide higher rates of return than a savings account. These are time deposits, meaning you can't withdraw your funds before the agreed-upon term of the CD without financial penalty. The longer the length of maturity, the more favorable the interest. We also offer stock and corporate bond trade services for our clients.

Securities and Municipal Bonds

Taxable and tax-exempt, municipal bonds are debt securities issued by state and local governments to fund public projects. These low-risk government securities are the hallmark of a well-rounded asset allocation. Ask one of our advisors about savings bonds, treasury bills and notes to offset moderate or high-risk offerings.

Annuities and Retirement

Tax-deferred annuities offer any investor a regular income stream over time. Choose from fixed, variable, immediate and deferred annuities to meet your current and future financial needs. For more information on Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401(k) plans, learn more about retirement planning and IRAs and 401(k) rollovers.

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How NetXInvestor Works

NetXInvestor provides you with secure, digital access to your BOK Financial Advisors investment accounts. View your account statements, tax statements and trade confirmations online. You can also access quotes, read news stories and conduct research using advanced screeners on thousands of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs.

Your Holdings, Intelligently Organized

See a detailed summary of your holdings and quickly identify your holdings by symbol or asset type.

Insightful Research

NetXInvestor helps you make informed investment decisions by providing access to real-time and delayed quotes, late-breaking news stories and comprehensive information and research on thousands of stocks, options and mutual funds.

Investment Tools

All of your critical account information can now be intelligently organized with NetXInvestor. Through this intuitive online system, our clients can obtain information on balances, holdings, history, cash flow, asset allocation, statements and reports — from any tablet, mobile device or desktop.

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