Native American Home Loans

Are you a member of a federally recognized tribe and looking for a home loan? If so, our Native American Home Loans offer special perks to make the buying process easier.

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A Home Loan Just for Native Americans

If you're a member of a federally recognized tribe, you may be eligible for a Native American Home Loan, which is backed by The Office of Loan Guarantee within HUD’s Office of Native American Programs. These Section 184 home loans come with lots of security and extra benefits, including a low down payment requirement.

Get Your House — Even with a Low Down Payment

Because your loan is backed by the Office of Native American Programs, only a very low down payment is required to buy your home. For loans over $50,000, you'll need a 2.25% down payment. For loans under $50,000, you'll just need 1.25%.

Low Interest Rates

For our Native American Home Loans, we charge market interest rates, regardless of what your credit score is. So, if you have less-than-perfect credit, you won't be penalized when you go to buy your home

Experienced Customer Service

Our Mortgage Bankers offer personalized service and are available to walk you through the whole home buying process. Visit one of our banking centers or call our Mortgage Bankers at (866) 910-5224 today to get started.

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Loan Comparison Calculator

In addition to the calculated monthly payments, annual percentage rate (APR) offers a good apples-to-apples comparison between loans. APR takes into account the varying discount points, closing costs and fees that are typically added into the loan amount and financed over the term of the loan. If the fees are paid "out-of-pocket" then the APR will be the same as the stated interest rate. Use this loan comparison calculator to help determine the best loan option for you.


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The application will ask questions about the house you are planning to buy and your finances. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete. If your application is approved online, we'll ask you for a deposit to cover the cost of the appraisal on your home so that we can begin to process your request immediately.

After your application is completed, a Mortgage Banker will contact you to introduce themselves and to answer any questions you may have. Your Mortgage Banker is a mortgage expert and will provide help and guidance along the way.

If your request wasn't approved online, they'll ask you for any information required to make a decision about your loan.

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