online statements

For your banking statements, go paperless! Online Statements are just like your paper statements, but online and available when you need them.

Paperless Statements -- Stay organized on the go

With online statements, you can easily view, print or download statement for all of your checking, savings, money market and loan accounts, including copies of your check images. We'll even organize and store up to seven years of your statements for you. You'll also have access to statements as soon as they're ready - no more waiting on mail delivery.


You can access your statements online or on your mobile device. This way, you can check your statements quickly and easily. Plus, you'll receive an alert every month letting you know it's ready — usually earlier than you would receive a paper statement in the mail.


Online statements helps keep you organized. You can download or print up to seven years of statements. Or, let us organize things for you. Simply access your account statements any time, from anywhere. We'll keep things neat — no need for you to file any paper at all.


Because statements are protected on our secure servers,  there's no need for you to shred your papers. And, because our online statements are never mailed or emailed to you, they also reduce the possibility of mail fraud.

How to Enroll

  • Although your account statements are available to you in Online and Mobile Banking at the time of your account opening, you will still be required to opt out of paper statements. To turn off paper statements, select Statements & Tax Forms from the main menu, choose Manage Statement Preferences, and change the slider to Online Only. Save the changes and accept the Terms & Conditions to complete the update.
  • After enrolling, you will have access to up to seven years of statements in Online and Mobile Banking. You will receive one more paper statement and then your paper statements will be turned off.
  • We will send you an email to your primary email address each month alerting you that your statement is available for viewing online. If you're a Mobile Banking user and have push notifications enabled, we'll also send a push notification to your mobile device.

Online Statement FAQs

What is an Online Statement? An Online Statement is an electronic, PDF version of your account statement. It contains the same account information as paper statements. It is delivered through Online and Mobile Banking instead of through the U.S. mail.
Which accounts are eligible for Online Statements? Online Statements are available for checking, savings, money market, personal loans, personal lines of credit, business loans and business lines of credit.
How long are Online Statements stored online? You can access up to seven years of statements in Online Banking or the mobile app.
How do I turn off paper statements? Statements are made available to you in Online and Mobile Banking and a paper copy is sent via U.S. mail by default. To turn off paper statements, select Statements & Tax Forms from the main menu, choose Manage Statement Preferences, and change the slider to Online Only. Save the changes and accept the Terms & Conditions to complete the update.
Once I’ve turned off paper statements, how do I receive paper statements again? You can manage your statement delivery preferences at any time in Online and Mobile Banking. Select Statements & Tax Forms from the main menu, choose Manage Statement Preferences, and use the slider to change the delivery method for each account statement.
Are Online Statements secure? Yes. By logging in using your online credentials your connection is secure. See our Online Security page to learn more about how we ensure your information is safe.
Is there a cost for Online Statements? There is no charge to receive Online Statements.
How will I know when my statement is available online? We will send an email to the primary email address you have on file when a new statement becomes available. If you’re a Mobile Banking user and have push notifications enabled, we’ll also send a push notification to your mobile device.
What happens if I close my account that has online statements? Once you’ve closed your account, statements for that account will no longer be accessible online. To obtain a copy of a statement for a closed account, please visit one of our convenient banking center locations or contact ExpressBank.
Can I receive year-end tax forms online? Yes, copies of 1098, 1099 and 5498 year-end tax forms are available on the Statements and Tax Forms page in Online or Mobile Banking.
Terms and Conditions for Online Statements

Online Statements

These terms and conditions constitute the agreement ("Agreement") between you and Colorado State Bank and Trust ("Bank") with respect to the provision of Online Statement Services (the "Service") to you. Your use of the Service constitutes your agreement to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. In this Agreement, the words "you" and "yours" mean each person who applied for the Service, and the terms "us" and "we" mean the Bank. This Agreement is in addition to other agreements between the parties.

Online Statement Service

The Online Statement Service is an alternative to receiving mailed paper statements. By applying for the Service, you authorize the Bank to stop mail delivery of your paper account statement and consent to the electronic delivery of your periodic statements and related notices. If you elect to receive online statements for one account on a combined statement, statements for all related accounts will only be available online.

The Bank will send an email reminder to the email address you provide through Online Banking when your online statement becomes available for viewing. It is your responsibility to keep your email information current. Email addresses may be updated at any time by selecting Self Services within Online Banking.

You agree not to give or make available your online password to any unauthorized individuals. You agree that it is your responsibility to examine your online statements and to contact us as soon as possible to report any irregularities or disputes. Statements and any legal notices about your account will remain available online for 7 years. You may also print or download statements to your computer, without charge. The Bank will provide a printed statement copy upon request to our ExpressBank and payment of the current fee.

It is your responsibility to provide and maintain the proper hardware and software that will enable you to view account statements online, which is the same hardware and software as is used for Online Banking. Your statements will be provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To access and retain a PDF file, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.05 or higher).

The terms of this Agreement, applicable fees and service charges may be altered or amended by the Bank from time to time. You agree that electronic delivery or posting of disclosures, notices, modifications and other communications about the Service on the Online Banking website has the same effect as mailing them to you (including modifications to the terms of the Deposit Account Agreement and Schedule of Fees and Services). The Bank cannot guarantee receipt of the notices. Any use of the Service after the Bank posts a change will constitute your agreement to such change(s). Further, the Bank may from time to time revise or update the programs, and/or related material which may render all prior program versions obsolete. Consequently, the Bank reserves the right to terminate this Agreement as to all such prior versions of the Service, and/or related material and limit access to the Bank's more recent revisions and updates of the Service.

Your use of the Service may also be affected by the agreements between us for your deposit, debit card, credit card and other linked accounts.

In the event you wish to discontinue the Service, you must contact the Bank in writing. Written notice of Service discontinuance must be supplied ten (10) days prior to the actual discontinuation date and must be sent to:

BOK Financial Online Statements P.O. Box 2300 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74192

The Bank may terminate use of the Service by any individual at any time. Neither termination nor discontinuance shall affect your liability or obligation under this Agreement.

Upon our request, you agree to sign a non-electronic version of this Agreement. At your request, we will provide you with a paper copy of any of the regulatory disclosures or notices about the Service posted electronically without charge by calling us at (800) 234-6181.

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